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Change Your Life For The Better


At True North Psychological Services Inc, we are happy to be of help to those who find themselves facing dark times and life-altering situations. Let us share with you some of the reviews sent by our clients in Oceanside, California and beyond.

“Highly recommend Dr. Wooden for her outstanding work with my daughter. She quickly created a strong rapport with her. Dr. Wooden is always patient and very helpful. Even with her busy schedule, she would respond quickly and accommodate our work and school schedules.”

- True North Psychological Services Inc Client | Oceanside, California | Oct 16, 2017

" I love Patricia (Trish).  It has taken me a long time to find a therapist that fits me.  She gets me, she validates me, and she is just the sweetest most caring woman. Love my therapist? 

-Amanda I September 2018

" Dr. Mark is very kind, compassionate, and empathetic.  He has helped me immensely in coping with my grief and coming to terms with traumatic events of my past.   The entire office is filled with kind, caring, and helpful people.  I would highly recommend this office, and Dr. Mark to anyone in need of help or someone to talk to. " 

Andrew  I  January 2019

I wanted to write a review for my current therapist, Jacqueline. I am so grateful for her guidance and patience while I was at my rock bottom of depression and anxiety this past year.

After almost 11 months of therapy I have been able to tackle my long-standing issues of social anxiety and setting healthy boundaries with people. I feel like I finally have hope and that I have my life back. I am enjoying hobbies and pursuing interests that I previously had no energy or desire to do because of my depression. I have reconnected or enhanced my relationships with family and friends with Jacqueline’s help. Jacqueline is supportive, positive, funny, easy to talk to, and relates very well to the issues I’m facing. She is someone who I feel is in my corner and cheering me on as I navigate complex mental health problems. I can’t say enough good things about her and I’m truly blessed to have been connected with her through your services. Thank you to everyone,

S.M February 2022

“Dr. Feeby goes above and beyond in caring for her clients. She is thorough and is genuine with wanting to see progress in therapy. My daughter truly loved seeing Dr. Feeby on a weekly basis and the growth was beyond what we expected as a family. My daughter looked forward to her therapy sessions and I highly recommend Dr. Feeby to anyone. We have since moved and have not found anyone close to what Dr. Feeby represented and the work ethic she upheld. She is amazing and understanding.”

- Jessica I True North Psychological Services Inc Client | June 16, 2017

“I saw Dr. Wooden for more than 1.5 years in person and continue to speak with her via phone conversations. I struggled a great deal with PTSD and with transitioning from the military. Feeby has always taken my calls/ text messages and provided a positive outlook on my concerns/ issues. She spent countless hours/ days/ weeks/ months working with me to ensure I could deal with my issues. She gave me numerous exercises to help me as well. Dr. Wooden saved my life! R/S, Happy and pleased patient”

- Scott | New Orleans, Louisiana | May 31, 2017

“I saw Dr. Wooden for about 6 months, for anxiety and depression, she was such a help! Gave me great tools to use during times of high anxiety, was very good integrating therapy tools with my 12-step program tools, and encouraged me all the way. I only stopped seeing her because returned to work and hours/location conflicted. Highly recommend her!”

- Cindy | Escondido, California | Jan 28, 2017

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Jesinoski if you are looking for a psychologist.  He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. He has a great capacity for compassion and understanding, and is able to give thoughtful feedback on problems I was unable to manage by myself. I'm grateful to have found Dr. Jesinoski and look forward to my sessions with him.  He has been a huge help." 

Tessa I January 2019

“Let me start by saying that I've been in and out of therapy for depression, anxiety and ADHD since high school. I know there can be a struggle in finding someone who is easy to talk to or someone who won't make you feel judged. I would hands down recommend Dr. Wooden! I made more progress in my life in the few months I saw her than anyone I've ever seen. She is down to earth and so sweet. The only reason I no longer see her is because I moved out of state. She is by far the best ever!”

- Kalie | Norfolk, Virginia | January 26, 2017

“DR. Feeby Wooden because my one person in this whole behavioral health process to truly listen and care what I had to say and what I truly needed. She has many resources and I consider her the best of the best! I had to discontinue care for a very short period of time to relocate home but when I return she will be my DR of choice again.”

- Amanda | Clovis, California | September 08, 2016

I was referred to True North Psychological services by a friend, I had my reservations about working with a therapist and whether I should follow through or cancel my appointment. I felt I did not need the services and maybe someone else needed it more than I did. Meeting Jacqueline has changed my entire perspective on therapy. She was able to understand how I was feeling the first appointment and able to calm my nerves about my situation. She’s very familiar with aspects of military life styles and how it can be frustrating and effect anyone. She has and still is helping me with coping skills for chronic depression, anxiety and PTSD due to sexual trauma. Getting the help I did not think I needed has helped me breathe and ultimately become closer to my husband and 4 month old daughter.

Jacqueline is a gem in the mental health department, I know I can be completely honest and open with no judgment whatsoever. I look forward to each session with her!

-M. Y., California, April 4, 2022

“My 7 year old at the time was having some issues at school interrupting her teacher and talking/playing during work time. We cane weekly to see Dr. Wooden and Jessica felt like it was her me time. A time when she can freely be who she is without restriction and this time made all the difference with her behavior at school. Dr. Wooden encourages the natural beauty of people to shine. Thank you for your kind heart and support during the many ups and downs faced in the military community.”

- Vanessa  | Oceanside, California | July 21, 2016

“Where do I begin? She's been an absolute blessing in my life. I came to her just a complete wreck & with her guidance I've become 100x stronger.”

- True North Psychological Services Inc Client | Oceanside, California | May 19, 2016

“She changed my life for the better. I am a happier healthier person and I am so grateful. She worked with my schedule to ensure I got the help that I needed.”

- Rae | Oceanside, California | April 28, 2016

“She is amazing.... Dr. Wooden makes you feel so comfortable. She is just absolutely amazing at what she does.”

- Candice | Oceanside, California | March 20, 2016

“Dr. Wooden is hands down the best psychologist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The professionalism paired with the laid back environment and tone really give her a certain likability that I find to be especially important when dealing with subjects of mental health.”

- True North Psychological Services Inc Client | March 09, 2016

“I would recommend Dr. Wooden because she does not make you feel alone in the process of working on your issues. She shares her own personal struggles and provides relevant materials to help you. She is patient and provides a safe space for her patients to work through their struggles. ”

- True North Psychological Services Inc Client | March 09, 2016

“Amazing human being. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach made me feel at ease and respected. She got me through the worse time of my life and even though she would credit me for the work, her guidance was essential.”

- Rebeca | March 09, 2016

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